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Yoana Nin Featured in Local Cary Magazine as Top Realtor in Cary NC

Romania Born Yoana Nin has been listed as one of the top real estate agents in the Cary area of ​​North Carolina. She is the CEO of Yoana Nin Realty AKA The Prosperous Agency and is well known as one of the top real estate brokers in Cary, NC and surrounding towns.

Yoana Nin has had a phenomenal career as a real estate agent. Originally from Romania, she won the green card lottery and decided to move to the United States, where she founded Yoana Nin Realty AKA The Prosperous Agency.

Initially, being a real estate agent was not his first choice. During the early years, Yoana worked primarily in theatrical production, but also worked with some of Hollywood’s hottest stars, including Robert De Niro, George Clooney, Kate Blanchet and Adam Sandler, to name a few. -ones. She was even Madonna’s personal replacement! She has also been featured in many video productions with stars like Christina Aguilera, Kumi Koda, Meatloaf, etc. However, in December 2011, she decided to move to Cary, North Carolina and actively pursue a career as a realtor.

“Life, work, family, motherhood, health and state of mind can be success, not necessarily money. There is a saying that goes, ‘I prefer to smile and laugh in a Toyota than crying in a Maserati,” so success is relative. said Miss Nin.

Wearing the hat of several professions, she has also written two books. The first, “Journey to Inner Joy and Success in Real Estate » was published in 2020, and in 2022 she published her second book titled: “Love me or not, say it to my face and drop the fucking phone”. As she is not a native speaker, it was undoubtedly difficult, but Yoana Nin is not one who would succumb to challenges, so she decided to succeed. In her very first year, Yoana was awarded Rookie of the Year in the entire Carolinas region. Since 2011 when she started her career in real estate, she has practically won several awards every year. Last year, Yoana ranked in the top 1% in the country and in the top 500 of the Grand Triangle.

After being featured in Cary Magazine’s Movers & Shakers as a top Realtor® in Cary NC, Yoana wants to continue her good work in the future. She believes she still has a lot to accomplish and a lot of people she could help. Those considering relocating or living in North Carolina or simply wanting to sell their home to get the best possible deal, visit:

About Yoana Nin

Born in Romania, Yoana Nin is a woman with multiple skills. She is known for practicing different professions. She also worked as an actress in Hollywood, wrote well-known books, and was consistently touted as one of the top real estate agents in Raleigh, Cary, and surrounding towns in the Greater Triangle region of North Carolina.

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Company Name: Yoana Nin Realty AKA The Prosperous Agency
Contact person: Yoana Nin
E-mail: [email protected]
Call: (919) 348-7303
Country: United States

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