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Justin Nelson on the real estate industry and the value of virtual assistants – News

By Pablo Merino

Published: Fri, May 6, 2022, 2:35 PM

True entrepreneurs have a special ability to analyze a market and identify problems that need to be solved. Instead of focusing on solutions first, the best entrepreneurs understand that lasting value is rooted in real-world problems. Since most successful entrepreneurs are the best at identifying the most painful — and potentially profitable — problems to solve, budding entrepreneurs would do well to spend ample time researching the market they plan to enter.

This is especially true for legacy marketplaces, which have a long history of consumer pain points and plenty of room for future disruption. The real estate market, one of the oldest industries and asset classes in history, is no exception. As technology continues to advance every day, the real estate industry is finally embracing new technological tools. In 2022, it is essential that companies and real estate agents take advantage of these new tools if they want to capture the younger segments of the market, stay ahead of the competition and take advantage of new post Covid-19 trends.

Nelson is a real estate entrepreneur who has been in the industry for almost a decade. Despite his young age of 25, Nelson is hugely experienced in the space having worked with his father in real estate since he was 16. The Boulder Colorado native took over his father’s marketing and lead generation efforts almost immediately after joining the team. In 2016, Nelson got his real estate license and started with over $360,000 in GCI in his first 16 months at age 19. Nelson was able to rapidly increase his real estate sales, in part due to his mastery and mastery of social media. With his newfound success, Nelson became the team leader and grew the team to over 15 people, opening another office in Colorado Springs along the way.

Having found success at such a young age, Nelson took his market knowledge, social media savvy and entrepreneurial spirit and began to analyze his next steps. Understanding the biggest pain points in the market and their economic effects, Nelson embarked on a speaking tour to help real estate agents understand the value of social media in 2018. During this tour, where Nelson taught over of 10,000 agents in 35 states and more than 135 locations, Nelson realized he had identified a problem that could translate into real business. That’s when Nelson founded Sphere Rocket VA, a real estate technology company specializing in real estate social media training. At its peak, Sphere Rocket VA had over 1,000 active, paying monthly coaching clients.

By tracking user behavior and market trends, Nelson has skillfully pivoted the company into the virtual assistant placement powerhouse it is today. Focusing on the real estate niche, Sphere Rocket VA is able to place virtual assistants for real estate entrepreneurs as well as other industry sectors. In 2020, Sphere Rocket VA successfully helped over 3,200 Realtors get matched with a full-time Virtual Assistant that’s perfectly suited to their needs. Whether they need help offloading unwanted tasks or help with a thorough job, real estate agents can get a full-time virtual assistant from Sphere Rocket VA for just $500 per month.

A true entrepreneur, Nelson holds his real estate license in Colorado and Tennessee in addition to managing his team of over 50 people. In order to successfully run his various businesses, Nelson usually starts his day when most people are asleep – on calls from around 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. with his team based in the Philippines. Then, after a few hours of sleep, Nelson heads to his office in downtown Nashville around 9:00 a.m. With eight US-based employees and 95 virtual assistants who report directly to him, Nelson manages and trains approximately 2,100 other employers who have used his services.

With his knack for identifying market issues, delivering valuable solutions and an unparalleled work ethic, we’re excited to see what Nelson does next.

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