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From Pet Nanny to Metaverse Real Estate Agent, these Side Hustles Scream ‘2022’ | Personal finance

Speaking of virtual work, a whole new economy is opening up online in the metaverse – a digital realm where users can play games, buy property, trade cryptocurrencies, and earn real money.

“This world creates a lot of new opportunities,” says Elmer Morales, the former Microsoft software engineer behind Campus Metaverse, a soon-to-be-launched company that works with coders to create new spaces in the Metaverse.

Morales sees a booming market for tech-savvy internet enthusiasts who can find virtual real estate for potential investors, “just as you would with traditional real estate.” He estimates that a virtual prospector could earn between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000 in fees, depending on the size of the deal. (If that sounds like hogwash, there are a whole slew of stories of investors paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for virtual land that should make you change your mind.)

Freelance NFT Artist

TVN, or non-fungible tokens, explode. These digital collectibles are sold in groups of unique pieces that can number in the tens of thousands per collection, meaning there is a growing need for graphic designers and illustrators who can help create them.

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