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Emporia Dental Hygienist Wins Real Estate Honors | News

Leslie Acree began venturing into real estate with Wilkie Real Estate in March 2020 as part of her retirement plan. The dental hygienist remains busy at Julie Hawley’s office in Emporia. Turns out she’s really good at her new job.

Acree was recently named Roanoke Valley Lake Gaston Board of REALTORS (R) 2021 Rookie of the Year.

“I am honored and surprised,” Acree said. “I didn’t think I would receive this honor with so many wonderful real estate agents.”

When Acree started working at Wilkie Real Estate in March 2020, the pandemic first hit the scene. In his mind, the timing couldn’t be worse. Acree hoped to recoup some of the expected losses she had invested in her new business. Acree not only recouped her investment, but thrived in the real estate business. Acree is a licensed broker in Virginia and North Carolina. She put a lot of people in houses in both states.

“I have worked with many families and helped many first-time buyers,” Acree said. “I have been truly blessed with my second career. “

Blessed indeed. Acree remains busy working four days a week at the Hawley dental office at 510 Belfield Drive in Emporia. It has also left a huge imprint on the local real estate industry.

Agree is married to Lee Acree and a mother of three.

You can reach Acree at Wilkie Real Estate at or at his office at 252-537-9012.

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