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ALP PEREZ – Montreal Real Estate Agent, a leading real estate agent in Montreal, gives the key elements for success

Montreal, Quebec – Buying or selling a property is quite a challenge these days, especially when you are in a competitive market like in Montreal, QC Canada. It is strongly recommended that you seek the services of a reputable real estate agent with a proven track record of successfully delivered projects. However, given the number of real estate brokers, finding a reliable real estate agent in Montreal who will deliver results is easier said than done. It is a complete project in itself. ALP PEREZ, a leading real estate agent in Montreal, shares below how he has combined marketing and real estate in many deals he has completed over the years in order to succeed in the industry.

“Marketing and real estate go hand in hand, a real estate agent with no marketing experience or marketing team is like wielding a gun without a bullet. Each property caters to people of different segments in terms of budget and personal preference. You cannot offer a heritage looking property from the 1800s to a client who is looking for an immaculate newly built property with a different look. When working with sellers, you need to listen to their needs in order to define and determine your target audience to bring as many potential and relevant buyers to the property as possible. Targeting and reaching the right audience is therefore the number one key to success when working with landlords,” says Alp Perez.

“We found Mr. Perez online when we were looking for a real estate agent in Montreal to help us sell a property held in a US-based trust. Mr. Perez was very helpful, always very responsive to questions and emails, even responding to messages late into the evening on numerous occasions. Within 24 hours of our property going up for sale, there was an offer on the property. And within three days of the initial offer, there were two additional offers and the initial offer was significantly increased. Our property sold for more than our original asking/listing price and Mr. Perez was helpful throughout the process, even helping with the challenges and idiosyncrasies of selling a Canadian owned property. to strangers. Mr. Perez assisted in locating and securing the services of other professionals that were necessary for foreigners (not Canadian residents or trusts located in Canada) to complete the sale of our property. We highly recommend Mr. Perez if you are looking for a helpful, responsive and results oriented agent/broker who will do what it takes to get the job done! – Says a previous customer.

On the buyer’s side, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a flipper in Montreal doing renovations during the winter and flipping properties during the busy spring and summer season, the process is quite similar. It starts with the initial consultation to understand your needs, identification of the desired property and your budget to target the right properties that match the buyer’s needs as well as closing assistance. Closing involves negotiating with the sellers, closing the deal, and referring the right mortgage broker and notary to the buyers to take the burden off them. “Being a one-stop-shop and keeping customers informed every step of the way is vital in the real estate industry,” says Montreal realtor Alp Perez.

ALP PEREZ – Real Estate Agent in Montreal advises potential clients who are considering buying or selling a property in Montreal and surrounding areas; visiting their website to learn more about how they can be assisted in a real estate transaction. He can also be reached at (438) 722 2676 or by email [email protected]

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