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A new set of applications to revolutionize the real estate sector

The real estate industry, with its archaic processes and overvalued commissions, is poised for disruption. And the recently launched OfferApp is just what it takes to do just that.

TAMPA, Florida, June 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Offerapp creators, Dustin Anderson and Tony melvin pretend their app will do what Airbnb done to the lodgings, what Uber done to taxis and what You’re here made to automobiles.

Offerapp offers discounts of up to 2% to home buyers.

“When we launched our listing service in January, we got a few nasty calls from agents complaining about the low commissions,” Mr. Anderson said, “They were saying things like ‘You will never sell this property, no agent will only show the. ‘”

But let’s sell these properties we made! Now the Offerapp team have added an online shopping service to their app.

“You can find any property listed on MLS in the Midwest Florida, submit your bid and we’ll refund the buyer at close, all online! ”said Anderson. Offerapp we just apply the discount to the purchase price. The seller still gets the same amount, but the buyer saves money. “

“We believe residential real estate in this country is overvalued by 4% due to excessive commissions. $ 2.2 trillion in 2020, so it’s an extra $ 90 billion consumers have paid. We plan to change that, ”said Melvin,“ by streamlining the process and removing inefficiencies. But unlike other online real estate services, we’re not here to serve the agents, we focus on the consumer. We want to make real estate transactions faster, easier and cheaper for the consumer. “

Currently Offerapp covers the center-west Florida, but will soon expand to California. Mr. Anderson, the duo’s licensed broker, has been doing business in both states for 7 years and has been in the industry for almost 20 years.

“They’re two very different markets, but one thing they have in common is that buyers and sellers don’t want to pay 6% commissions. Offerapp we charge buyers only 1% and refund the difference. So, on a million dollar property, the buyer can save up to $ 20,000. “

The duo plans to expand their services across the country United States, but be sure to take it step by step.

“Our goal is to make the transaction process smooth and fast. Once we are confident that our systems can handle the volume, we will strategically expand across the country, ”said Mr. Melvin. “And I hope we will continue to ride the word of mouth wave.”

About the company

Offerapp is the new way to buy real estate where you can buy online and get up to 2% off.

Investor and media contact:
Dustin Anderson (626) 354-2664



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