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Exclusive “pocket lists” are not new. Today, the real estate industry is fighting for its future.

Home hunters in the Philadelphia area may have encountered her during this scorching real estate market: Their dream home suddenly appears on Zillow and Redfin, at the perfect price, in their favorite neighborhood, with the correct number of bedrooms. , bathrooms, etc. . Then, even before having time to schedule a screening or attend an […]

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Simple formulas to develop your real estate activity

One constant truth about real estate sales is simple: the sale is closed once the relationship is established. But the question is, how do you build these relationships? I cannot give you the courage or the persistence to be successful. But what I can share are some simple formulas that I have devised that can […]

Real estate business

How to get a competitive advantage for your real estate business

If you are interested in start a real estate business To help buyers and sellers get through the stressful and complicated process of one of the most important transactions of their lives, you need to make sure your business is well prepared. Real estate is an extremely competitive field. Chances are, your area already has […]

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The Best Real Estate Broker in America Believes in 2 Rules of Selling

Ben Caballero is the premier real estate agent in the United States. He sold $ 1.9 billion worth of homes in 2017. Caballero said he follows two essential selling rules for success: make it as easy for your customers to purchase your product as possible, and make sure they like you. The first rule is […]

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How the best real estate broker in the United States sells 92 homes a week

Ben Caballero is the top immovable agent in the United States. He sold 4,799 homes in 2017, an average of 92 homes per week. Caballero says he’s been successful by specializing his business as much as possible. He only sells new homes in Texas from companies that build hundreds of homes each year, and he […]

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Agent Overview: Cecilia Ramirez, Real Estate Broker, C Realty Corp., Winthrop, MA

What was your first job in the real estate industry? Buying agent Where did you grow up Dominican Republic As you grew up, what did you want to be? CEO What do you do to relax when you are stressed? Dancing If you could have lunch with a famous person (living or not), who would […]