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Restaurant owners, don’t rush to be in the real estate business – yet

There is an infamous saying that is often attributed to the driving force behind McDonald’s rapid expansion, Ray Croc: “We are not in the restaurant business; we are in the real estate business. I don’t think there is another quote in the real estate industry that is more repeated or more misused, except maybe “If […]

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Will New York City Council Cap Rental Fees for Real Estate Brokers?

Amid a growing housing crisis and following the state legislature’s passage of improved rent regulations in June, members of New York City Council are trying to protect tenant portfolios at the local level. City council members, led by Keith Powers and Carlina Rivera, introduced a package of bills in February to limit up-front rental fees. […]

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Strengthen your real estate activity with Facebook groups

As an agent, you need to be able to keep up with the latest social media trends. It can be difficult, but it is an essential part of your job. Recently, Facebook announced changes to the way their content would be prioritized and shared, promoting content and boosting engagement in groups. Managing Facebook groups can […]

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Fredrik Eklund on Bicoastal’s real estate activities with LA Move

Bravo Insider Exclusivity! Create a free profile to get unlimited access to exclusive videos, sweepstakes and more! Register for free to view It’s official: Fredrik Eklund lives in Los Angeles. The New York Million Dollar Ad broker announced this week that he, along with husband Derek and children, has moved to Beverly Hills. But that […]

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7 elements of a real estate business plan you must have

Before construction of a house begins, a solid architectural plan is drawn up to guide the construction team. Your real estate business should start the same way. A real estate business plan can seem daunting to create, but it is essential for building a strong and lasting business. When done correctly, a real estate business […]