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EsTera Wilson, Real Estate Broker, Conlon/Christie’s International Real Estate

Number of years in real estate: 14 Describe your look: Professional yet forward-thinking and forward-thinking with my own style. What do you consider a “fad not to do”? I say be different and be creative. Fashion is constantly changing, so find your style and be unique. What is your favorite item of clothing and why? […]

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How Social Media Contests Can Boost Your Real Estate Business »RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News

In the real estate industry, increasing your brand visibility is the name of the game. In the United States alone, real estate agents compete in one area of over a million agents. If you want to make sure that your brand stands out from the crowd, you need to be creative in your marketing efforts. […]

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Emmitt Smith is back in real estate with a new Dallas company

Former Dallas Cowboys star Emmitt Smith is taking the field with a new Dallas-based real estate business. Smith, who has been investing in real estate since the 1990s, formed a commercial real estate company in partnership with Newmark Group, based in New York. The new company will work in commercial real estate brokerage as well […]

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10 ways to generate more real estate business

Key points to remember Juggling multiple marketing methods simultaneously could waste your resources. Select one or two strategies to focus your efforts and get the best results. Looking for other ways to get real estate business and build your customer database? Ryan snow Real estate author Ryan Snow shared 10 of the best ways to […]

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How to grow your real estate business around the world

Key points to remember Advertisements are not enough to impress international agents; share market information to generate international business. As the founder and CEO of Coldwell Banker France and Monaco, other realtors often ask me about how to get into international luxury. Let’s talk about the two questions I get asked the most: How can […]