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How to move your entire real estate business to the cloud

Key points to remember Believe it or not, you can probably turn all your old paper files and notes into electronics in a single day. But otherwise, don’t worry, there’s no rush. If you’re not particularly “technical”, consult trusted people about which cloud storage application to use; they all have different strengths and abilities. Congratulations: […]

Real estate industry

How virtual reality could revolutionize the real estate industry

Real estate is an industry that normally moves with the times and embraces technology that can contribute to its continued success. However, there seems to be a slight lack of confidence in a new technology that is coming to the industry: virtual reality. This could potentially be a big mistake for some, and quite a […]

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When should a real estate broker release money?

A deposit is an upfront payment that a buyer offers to a seller in order to sign a letter of purchase contract. Deposit deposits are quite common in competitive markets, especially when a seller is concerned that a buyer may be making multiple offers on many properties. It may be possible to buy a home […]

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Definition of real estate agent

What is a real estate agent? A real estate agent is a licensed professional who organizes real estate transactions, connects buyers and sellers and acts as their representative in negotiations. Real estate agents are usually paid entirely by a commission (a percentage of the purchase price of the property), so their income depends on their […]

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How to choose the right real estate broker

Are you considering entering the housing market? About 89% of homeowners use a real estate agent or broker when buying or selling a home. Therefore, choosing the right agent is crucial for a successful real estate transaction. Key points to remember Choosing the right real estate broker or agent involves asking questions about their experience […]

Real estate agent

Real estate agent vs mortgage broker: what’s the difference?

Real estate agent vs mortgage broker: an overview Real estate agents and mortgage brokers share similar professional characteristics. As licensed real estate professionals, both assist their clients in securing residential or commercial properties. But their specific missions are quite different. A real estate agent helps buyers and sellers find or sell physical property, and a […]

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How Realtor and Broker Fees Work

Thinking of buying or selling a house? This is a major financial decision and you’ll want to make sure you’re minimizing your costs when buying a home or maximizing your potential when selling a home. (For more information on buying a home, see: First-Time Home Buyer’s Guide.) Brokerage fees The majority of homes are sold […]

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Tips for succeeding as a real estate agent

Real estate salespeople and other licensees who must work for and under the umbrella of a designated broker are often referred to as real estate agents. In legal language, the term “agent” refers to the strictly defined relationship between a real estate seller and the buyers and sellers with whom he does business. An agent […]

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The real estate industry has something the internet can’t: the human element

Steve Murray sometimes gets together with other real estate alumni, shares wine, and inevitably starts to remark, “Of course I would have thought that would have changed more now. ” Murray, president of consultancy firm Real Trends, has been following the way American real estate agents do their jobs for 40 years. And over the […]